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House and Office Clearance

Some of the services we offer include – House clearance in Brighton, House Clearance in Sussex, Furniture disposal in Sussex, Furniture Disposal in Brighton.  Please note that we do not clear dirty or dangerous waste.

Please note that we do not clear dirty or dangerous waste.

Environment Waste Registration number - CB/TN5412BC/5c&b IR

We are licensed to dispose of rubbish, but please note we cannot be very competitive with only a few items. If you just have one item for example it is often cheaper to phone the council who do subsidized pickups of waste or use a specific rubbish clearance firm. Tips charge us a minimum amount for dumping rubbish. If you have half a van load for example it often makes sense. Usually we are billed by a minimum of half a tonne of waste. This can cost us £60+ before we even calculate for our costs. Once over this amount we are billed for the exact amount in weight.

If you have only a sofa for example and can be flexible on when it is picked up it is worth asking as we may be able to combine it with something else. A rubbish clearance company pick up waste all day, then get weighed in once they are full and can often offer better prices on smaller loads of individual items.

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House Clearances

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We regularly undertake house clearances and have all the correct contacts to dispose of all necessary items in the circumstances.

From antiques to general waste to be thrown away we can handle the whole operation, making sure valuables are kept and the best prices obtained for them and waste disposed of.

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Office Clearance?  House Clearance?  We have got it covered.  Our Full service house clearances and Furniture disposal services offer a good value, professional solution to Sussex clearance!

What happens after the clearance

If we were to undertake a house clearance, below is what would happen to items to be cleared. Please do bear in mind though we live in a throwaway society and it is very rare furniture is worth money. Generally once anything of value has been cleared it needs to be thrown away.

Waste to be cleared

We are licensed by the environment agency (details Below) to dispose of any waste in the correct manner. For items that are being dumped this means they will be disposed of at whichever local site works out most cost effective for the customer. Where ever possible we will make sure as much as possible is recycled.

Antique or Valuable Furniture

We work closely with reputable antique dealers in the Brighton area. Over the years we have built a good relationship with people we can trust. Obviously they will need to make a profit when selling items on but will give fair prices and advise when looking at or buying expensive items. We also work closely with a record dealer in the Brighton area so any old vinyl can be checked before being disposed of. Please note, we do not take a cut from any of these people and anyone is welcome at any point to get separate evaluations on what they are being offered if there is anything of any value.

Modern Furniture in reasonable condition

Unfortunately antiques and valuable Vinyl/ornaments etc are the only items we can obtain money for the customer through relevant sources. We live in a throw away society where new furniture can be brought for peanuts on finance and charities quite often can't take items. Not always because they don't have the space for example but sofas needing the correct fire stamp or electrical items needing to be tested for them to sell on. What we always suggest at the start of a house clearance is that if the customer does not want any of the furniture, or cannot find homes for it within the family they start by contacting a local charity. If we are handling the whole clearance we are happy to undertake this for you. Anything remaining will need to be thrown away.

Pricing for House clearances is worked out on time taken, amount of staff needed, weight of items to be thrown away at the end, distance involved etc. To request a quote simply click here

Man & Van Case Study

Example of price charged for recent house clearance

OAP passed away in Hayward's Heath, lived in retirement flat on the ground floor in the centre of town. Family went in first and took what they wanted (this consisted of a couple of bits of furniture which we delivered for them to another part of town).

  • The only thing of any value left was an antique cabinet which one of our independent specialists paid £110 for.
  • A charity took the sofa sweet and everything else had to be disposed of at a dump. This consisted of a bed, wardrobe, bedroom furniture, 2 old kitchen appliances and approx 30 boxes and bags of rubbish.

The cost we charged the customer for this job was £250.

This is broken down in the following way.

  • It took two men half a day in a Luton removal van to undertake the whole job £180, our fee to dump what was left was £55 + £15 for a freezer (these are extra due to cfc gases).
  • The total cost for this job was £250. Most smallish clearances work out between £230 and £300.
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